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The Top-Ranking Animal Attack Lawyer Phoenix

Aug 16

The law of animal attacks, especially by dogs, is very clear in Phoenix, AZ and it stipulates that you can file a lawsuit against a dog owner for any injuries you sustain. Under the same law, you only have one year to file your lawsuit. You may not file a lawsuit in Phoenix, AZ if a year passes since you were attacked. 

It is therefore fundamental to call qualified Animal Attack Lawyer Phoenix from Lloyd Baker Injury Attorneys as soon as possible. They will analyze your case for free and help you through each phase of the claims process. In addition, they will help you enjoy multiple benefits, including:

Knowledge of Animal Attack Laws

Suppose you suffer a severe injury, and your lawyer can initiate a claim against the animal owner. Since severe injury claims are only valid if the animal has attacked someone else, you may need a qualified attorney to prove this attack happened. Each state, including Arizona, has animal attack laws that cover different types of claims. 

Animal Attack Lawyer Phoenix from Lloyd Baker Injury Attorneys understand animal attack laws, and they are up-to-date on the legislation that affects these laws. As a result, they will know which claim to initiate.

We Have Access to Valuable Resources

The decision to hire an Animal Attack Lawyer Phoenix from Lloyd Baker Injury Attorneys gives you access to a team of qualified experts that will contribute to the case. Once you have a single lawyer allocated to your case, our other Animal Attack Attorney Phoenix will research and investigate the case. They will also collect the evidence needed to determine how negligent the animal owner is in your case. 

These resources will ensure that your case is completed quickly, which means you will receive the compensation you need to start your recovery faster than anticipated.

We Act as Your Supporter

An animal attack can be a scary experience, so it is vital to have someone on your side. Hiring an Animal Attack Lawyer Phoenix from Lloyd Baker Injury Attorneys will give you all the support you need. Your attorney will analyze your injuries and the history of the animal to see if other attacks have been documented.

The attorney will then use this evidence to prosecute the party at fault. In consequence, this will prevent a similar incident from occurring in the future. 

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